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Monovalent copper oxide improves broiler performance

A former study (Hamdi et al, Anim Feed Sci Tech 2018) from Barcelona University had shown the beneficial effects of monovalent copper oxide in broiler diets on animal growth and health in comparison to copper sulfate. This second experiment was carried out in more challenging sanitary conditions, re-using old litter with high concentrations of Clostridium perfringens. It confirmed that monovalent copper oxide can be supplemented with improved performance compared to copper sulfate, in relation to intestinal microbiota modulation.

Average daily gain (0-42 days)
Relative abundance at family level in ileal digesta (%)

Source: Forouzandeh et al, Effects of dicopper oxide and copper sulfate on growth performance and gut microbiota in broilers, Poultry Science 2021 Vol. 100:8, 101224