Essentiality & toxicity: the new frontier

Because of the small margin between required levels and toxicity, the micro minerals usage must be well mastered.
Precision minerals deliver all scientific understanding and the right technology to achieve optimal supplementation.

To satisfy animal requirements

Supplementing trace elements in a fair amount in the diet will fulfill the basic animal requirements for their maintenance, growth and specific needs for production.

When in excess in animal diets

Supplementing trace minerals in excess in the diet can conduct chronic or severe toxicity leading to animal tissues impairment until death. Precision feeding is key to prevent this risk.

To optimize animal performance, health and welfare

Trace minerals are involved in many metabolic reactions: finetuning their supplementation will contribute to the productivity of the animal husbandry & production chain.

When in excess in soils & waters

Trace minerals may impose a toxicity risk when present in excess in the environment. Regulating their uptake in animal diets will reduce their presence in soils & waters.

For human nutrition

Trace minerals are essentials in the human diet: they improve digestibility, strengthen immune system & tissue integrity. Minerals can be uptaken from edible animal products (meat, eggs, dairy products...).

When contaminated with undesirable substances

Trace elements are extracted from mines where undesirable substances (heavy metals) are naturally present. Stringent regulations prevent contamination for the feed & food chain.

For manure value

Livestock wastes are rich & profitable for crop production. Instead of consuming manufactured fertilizers, farmers have the opportunity to give value to locally produced manure and litter from livestock.

When not handled in a safe way

Trace minerals can be harmful. Optimal particle size and low dust powders will ensure a proper homogeneity in feed and a safe handling for the operators.