ZINCOSUPP is the most ambitious research program
on ZnO ever launched!


SUPPression of
pharmacological ZnO

of the right zinc oxide source
and the right dosage


  • Elucidate the mechanism of action of zinc doses and sources in diets for weaned piglets.
  • Offer solutions to the regulatory challenge in the EU by highlighting benefits of HiZox ® (potentiated zinc source) on gut morphology, function and health versus other zinc sources.

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Agathe Roméo
Dr. Alessandra Monteiro
Free University of Berlin
Professor J. Zentek
Dr. Jean-Yves Dourmad
Francine De Quelen
Bologna University
Professor P. Trevisi
Hohenheim University
Professor M. Rodehutscord

Despite the EU deadline on June 2022, the transition phase has started also beyond European boarders. Countries such as China, Korea, Canada have implemented reduction plans already.

The 6 reasons why reducing ZnO dose is important

The use of constant and high dose of ZnO is known to have adverse conditions. Hereafter the 6 reasons why reducing its usage.

Heavy Metals Contamination

Impurities in ZnO are hazardous for animal & human health especially when used at pharmacological level.
Learn more:
> Heavy metals in pig production
> Impurities in standard ZnO

Nutritional Interactions

• Negative effect on phytase activity & thus on phosphorous release
• Antagonistic effect with acidifers
• Favors anemia using same transporter
Learn more:
> Factors affecting Zn fate
> Phytase interaction

Zinc Toxicity

High doses of zinc oxide affect piglet health if used for a long period.
Learn more:
> Negative effects to high ZnO

Reduced Palatability

Palatability is key in stimulating the piglets appetite & high levels of ZnO are know to degrade feed intake.
Learn more:
> High ZnO palatability in piglets
> ZnO supplemented feed in piglets

Environmental Concerns

High levels of ZnO increases by almost 30% the total quantity of Zn excreted in the pig’s growing life.
Learn more:
> Zinc fate in animal husbandry systems
> siMMin™: simulate zinc in feeding programs of pigs
> Footprinting of ZnO in pig production

Zinc & Antimicrobial Resistance

Intensive usage of Zn in animals combined with antibiotics favor the development of bacterial resistance.
Learn more:
> ZnO on intestinal microbiota
> ZnO on antibiotic resistance
> Zn bacterial resistance

Watch our ZincoSupp Webinar (December, 2020)

ZnO in piglets diets: what we know, what we don't know?

Pr. Dr. Jürgen Zentek (University of Berlin, Germany):
Mode of action of pharmacological levels of ZnO. What do we know and what can we use for future strategies?

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