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ManGrin e-launch

When a company launches a new product every 3 years, it is a major event. But it becomes unprecedented when it is organised in a digital format. This is what happened to Animine when launching end of November this year ManGrin®, a unique source of manganese oxide. It completes the product portfolio of cationic trace minerals with HiZox®, a potentiated source of zinc oxide, and CoRouge®, the only monovalent source of feed grade copper.

This virtual event mobilised many digital resources and skills. Animine was surrounded by specialized companies to set up such an event (digital event coordinator, film crew…). There were more people behind the camera than on stage!

This teamwork enabled Animine to gather 27 countries in the same time:

  • 9 countries from Asia
  • 14 countries from Europe
  • 3 countries from Americas
  • 1 country from Oceania

All the attendees were connected on the platform Airmeet. It is a tool developed in India and which raised $12 million in September 2020.

Animine product portfolio is a very consistent range of metallic compounds which share the same features :

  • Highest mineral concentrations in the market
  • High flowability with other physical properties such as non hygroscopicity, dust free powder with homogeneous particle size distribution
  • High safety standards with very low levels of contaminants and impurities
  • High stability to avoid negative interactions in the premix, in the feed and in the digestive tract
  • High bioavailability to deliver bioaccessible trace minerals to the animals
  • high animal performance for farm productivity