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Safety of variety meats

Variety meats are very rich sources of micro-nutrients. Storage organs such as liver and kidney are very sensitive to mineral dietary intakes. They can accumulate desirable nutrients but also contaminants.

Maximum concentrations in toxic metals such as cadmium and lead in offal for human consumption are regulated in various countries.

Beef and dairy cattle grazing on cadmium-rich soils may have kidney Cd concentrations exceeding EU maximal limits. Supplemented sources of macro and micro minerals may also contribute to contamination of animal feeds. EU Regulation has defined maximal limits of toxic metals (As, Cd, Pb) in complete feeds and in feed additives, including trace mineral sources. Animine products guarantee lower contamination levels and lower inclusion rates in diets due to their highest Zn, Cu or Mn concentrations (75%). This explains why they minimize the supply of toxic metals to the animals and ultimately for human consumption of offal.