AniMag' n°3

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Lisbeth Shooter, from SEGES (Danish Pig Research Center), updated the audience with the reduction of zinc oxide in piglet diets in Denmark. In June 2022 latest, medicated ZnO will be banned, like in all EU Member States. SEGES implemented an action and recommendation plan for this phase out, called Zinkguide. The organisation already advises to reduce the pharmacological dosage, going down from 2500 mg/kg to 1500 mg/kg Zn in piglet feeds. Success to prevent post-weaning diarrhea is a combination of actions at the farm level, on animals, and on feeds. Trained and experienced personnel reduce the risk of failures. Different feeding strategies have been tested with various results. Reduced protein level in the first weeks after weaning is part of the solution. In parallel to reduced ZnO usage, pig producers keep the objective not to increase the usage of antibiotics.