2017 events

FEDNA annual congress

Madrid, Spain
7-8 November, 2017

The SFT Pig Conference

Birmingham, UK
2 November, 2017

The Society of Feed Technologists (SFT) is a forum open to anyone interested in farm livestock, to meet and discuss common agricultural livestock problems and solutions in a non-competitive environment. Membership is multi-disciplinary and is open to animal nutritionists, feed technologists, recipe formulators, academics, pharmacologists, veterinary surgeons, geneticists, feed mill managers, farm advisers etc.


Ghent University, Belgium
16 October, 2017

This workshop aims to share recent insights in improving gut health of
pigs through nutrition and to identify areas for future research.

IHSIG 5th Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health

Bangkok, Thailand
11-12 October, 2017

The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (IHSIG) group organizes its 5th Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health that will be held at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club – Polo Club from October 11-12, 2017. IHSIG aims to promote health and welfare in poultry production by provoking debate between the scientific community, poultry producers, regulatory authorities, nutritionists and poultry veterinarians.

The IHSIG symposia focus on the One World, One Health concept which recognizes that human health is interconnected to the health of animals and the environment. Humans and animals interact with greater frequency and intimacy in a globalized world. These interactions increase the risk of the emergence and spread of disease agents that could adversely impact health, whether human or both.

Feed Additives 2017

Frankfurt, Germany
27-28 Sept., 2017

This must-attend event is tailor-made for the feed additives industry and will identify the current landscape and future trends of the sector to unlock opportunities for your business. Providing three days of informative content, this event offers a neutral platform for you to learn up-to-date information about business-critical market insight, product innovation, global regulation and novel research and development.Bringing together key stakeholders from the feed additives, premix and compound feed organisations, Feed Additives 2017 will provide structured networking and essential information through a range of presentations and interactive sessions.

Sow and piglet nutrition conference

Nanchang, China
September 18-19, 2017

68th Annual Meeting of EAAP

Tallinn, Estonia
Aug. 28 - Sept. 1, 2017

The 68th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) will take place from 28 August to 1 September in Tallinn, Estonia. The main theme of the meeting is Patterns of Livestock Production in the Development of Bioeconomy.

32nd Poultry Science Symposium

Cambridge, UK
July 3-5, 2017

TEMA 2016

Saint Petersburg, Russia
June 26-29, 2017

By tradition of previous TEMA, ISTERH, and NTES symposia the forthcoming meeting will join scientists, practitioners, and engineers working in the field of trace element science as well as producers of supplements and laboratory equipment. Scientific program will include lectures, oral communications and posters. The official language of the Symposium is English. The following directions are to be highlighted on Symposium sections: methodology of trace elements research, trace elements in environment, fundamental aspects of trace element biology, trace elements in human and animal health and disease. During conference the satellite workshop of Trace Element – Institute for UNESCO is planning.

Animine Academy

Paris, France
June 22-23, 2017


Salou, Spain
May 8-11, 2017

The 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN 2017) will be held in Salou / Vila-Seca, Tarragona, Spain, during May 8-11, 2017.
This Symposium has become a relevant scientific event, stimulator of scientific interchanges, which take place every two years. The participation has been raised in the recent meetings, with an increase number of delegates from non-European countries. For the new event in Spain, we want to keep the scientific quality. The program will be focused on aspects such as thermoregulation, early feeding, precision feeding, ingredients and biotechnology and several hot topics. People attending the symposium will have an opportunity to know the recent advances in poultry nutrition, and will share and discuss their views among colleagues.


Ho Chi Minh City
April 25-26, 2017

Attracting more than 225 delegates from throughout Asia and beyond, the annual Asian Agribiz Pig Feed Quality Conference is Asia’s leading conference and scientific forum for pig and feed industry professionals to update their knowledge and network with industry peers.

JRA 2017

Tours, France
April 5-6, 2017

This congress is organized every two years by ITAVI, INRA, ANSES and CTCPA with the support of the French branch of the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) and the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA), two international organizations involved in poultry farming.

VIV Asia 2017 (Hall 101, booth 1425)

Bangkok, Thailand
March 15-17, 2017

With almost 900 international exhibitors, VIV Asia offers a unique selection, compromising global market leaders and regional as well as national Asian players of growing importance. Professionals active in the production of pig meat, poultry meat, eggs, fish and dairy all have numerous reasons to meet up in Bangkok.

International Production and Processing Expo

Atlanta, USA
Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2017

25th World’s poultry congress

Beijing, China
September 5-9, 2016

Poultry industry is expanding in the world, but we are facing more and more challenges ranging from restriction of feed resources to quality and safety issues of poultry products. The multidisciplinary scientific program of the WPC2016 will address a wide range of subjects, and provide a unique and comprehensive platform for sharing and discussing the latest developments in scientific research and technology transfer for poultry production worldwide

2017 PSA Annual Meeting

New Orleans, Louisiana.
July 11–14 2016

The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is a professional organization consisting of approximately 1,800 educators, scientists, extension specialists, industry researchers, administrators, producers, and college students who are committed to advancing the poultry industry.

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