June, 2022

"What are the concerns of doing without therapeutic doses of ZnO in piglet feeds?"

B. Gozlan

2022, May

"Does dietary Zn have an impact on inflammatory status? "

Animine technical team

2022, May

"Life cycle assessment of feed ingredients"

Dr. Alessandra Monteiro & Jean-Yves Dourmad

2022, May

"ZnO mode of action in piglets: focus on Zn blood levels, its homeostasis and ADG"

Jennifer Maurin & Agathe Roméo

2022, April

"Zinc concentration's role in growth improvement"

Animine technical team

2022, March

"Animine et Feedéal rappellent l'importance du zinc chez les porcs"

Françoise Foucher

2022, March

"El ZnO no sera prohibido en la alimentacion animal en 2022 en la UE"

Jennifer Maurin

2022, March

"Copper in ruminants: from essential to toxic"

Valérie Kromm

2022, February

"Animine lance son programme SPECIMAN"

Françoise Foucher

2022, February

"Success for Animine e-cademy"

Animine technical team

2022, February

"What does the literature says about zinc homeostasis"

Animine technical team

2022, February

"Success for Animine e-cademy"

Dr. Denise Cardoso

2022, February

"Precision minerals feeding for the efficient supply of trace elements"

Valérie Kromm

2021, December

"From premix to gut, interactions with minerals can be costly!"

Jennifer Maurin

2021, October – Nutrinews

"El suministro de oxido de zinc potenciado mejora el estado de zinc de las vacas lecheras y la salud de la ubre"

Valérie Kromm

2021, October

"Is there any safe copper source available for pigs' growth promotion? "

Dr Alessandra Monteiro & Jennifer Maurin

2021, September

"Modern use of copper for piglet gut health and growth "

Dr. Ioannis Mavromichalis

2021, August

"Copper toxicity in broilers: what is the hidden effect?"

A.Monteiro & S.Durosoy

2021, Vol 37, N°4

"Sulfur and sulfates in diets: is it a concern?"

A. Monteiro & A. Piñon

2021, June

"Which copper source for my feed?"

J. Maurin & V. Kromm

2021, May/June

"Copper metabolism and growth promotion - is there a relation?"

J. Maurin & A. Monteiro

2021, May

"ZnO will not be banned in animal nutrition in 2022 in EU"

J. Maurin & D. Cardoso

2021, VOL 37, N°2

"Looking at sulfur and sulfate levels in poultry diets"

J. Maurin & A. Piñon

2021, VOL 8, N°2

"Sulfur: the dose makes the poison"

D. Cardoso & A. Piñon


"Sulfur, the silent element"

D. Schaumlöffel & A. Piñon

2020, DEC

"Alternative Zinc sources for medicated piglets feed"

I. Mavromichalis

2020, NOV

"Animine addresses Zinc oxide challenge with new research programme"

S. Durosoy, A. Pinon & J. Zentek

2020, VOL 28, N°9

"Protecting workers from hazardous minerals"

V. Kromm & A. Roméo

2020, Vol 19, N°1

"Copper in Ruminants: beware of going from deficiency to toxicity"

V.Kromm & D.Cardoso

2019, NOV/DEC

"Nutritional immunity with metals"

Dr. K.Waldron

2019, Vol 34, N°1

"Intestinal alkaline phosphatase: a new gut health biomarker"



"Zinc and copper oxides: The best combination"



"Risks of high iron in zinc oxide in animal diets"


2018, MISSET

"Life cycle assessment of feed ingredients"

A. Monteiro

2018, VOL.26, N°4

"The effect of zinc on the intestinal health of poultry"

D. Mathé

2018, JAN/FEB

"Copper in animal feed, part II"

V. Kromm

2017, NOV/DEC

"Copper in animal feed, part I"

V. Kromm

2017, VOL.25, N°3

"Cu pathways"

A. Roméo

2017, VOL.33, N°1

"Gut barrier function"

W. Wang

2017, JAN/FEB

"Antibacterial effects of ZnO"

V. Kromm

2015, VOL.23, N°2

"The bioavailability of zinc in poultry"

A. Roméo

2014, VOL.22, N°7

"Zn pathways"

A. Roméo

2014, JULY

"Zinc, copper favor bacterial resistance"


2014, JAN/FEB

"Five possible negative effects of zinc oxide on piglets"

A. Roméo

2013, VOL.28, N°2

"IPEC studies"


2013, VOL.29, N°1

"Major acute phase proteins..."


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