2021, August

"Copper toxicity in broilers: what is the hidden effect?"

A.Monteiro & S.Durosoy

2021, Vol 37, N°4

"Sulfur and sulfates in diets: is it a concern?"

A. Monteiro & A. Piñon

2021, June

"Which copper source for my feed?"

J. Maurin & V. Kromm

2021, May/June

"Copper metabolism and growth promotion - is there a relation?"

J. Maurin & A. Monteiro

2021, May

"ZnO will not be banned in animal nutrition in 2022 in EU"

J. Maurin & D. Cardoso

2021, VOL 37, N°2

"Looking at sulfur and sulfate levels in poultry diets"

J. Maurin & A. Piñon

2021, VOL 8, N°2

"Sulfur: the dose makes the poison"

D. Cardoso & A. Piñon


"Sulfur, the silent element"

D. Schaumlöffel & A. Piñon

2020, DEC

"Alternative Zinc sources for medicated piglets feed"

I. Mavromichalis

2020, NOV

"Animine addresses Zinc oxide challenge with new research programme"

S. Durosoy, A. Pinon & J. Zentek

2020, VOL 28, N°9

"Protecting workers from hazardous minerals"

V. Kromm & A. Roméo

2020, Vol 19, N°1

"Copper in Ruminants: beware of going from deficiency to toxicity"

V.Kromm & D.Cardoso

2019, NOV/DEC

"Nutritional immunity with metals"

Dr. K.Waldron

2019, Vol 34, N°1

"Intestinal alkaline phosphatase: a new gut health biomarker"



"Zinc and copper oxides: The best combination"



"Risks of high iron in zinc oxide in animal diets"


2018, MISSET

"Life cycle assessment of feed ingredients"

A. Monteiro

2018, VOL.26, N°4

"The effect of zinc on the intestinal health of poultry"

D. Mathé

2018, JAN/FEB

"Copper in animal feed, part II"

V. Kromm

2017, NOV/DEC

"Copper in animal feed, part I"

V. Kromm

2017, VOL.25, N°3

"Cu pathways"

A. Roméo

2017, VOL.33, N°1

"Gut barrier function"

W. Wang

2017, JAN/FEB

"Antibacterial effects of ZnO"

V. Kromm

2015, VOL.23, N°2

"The bioavailability of zinc in poultry"

A. Roméo

2014, VOL.22, N°7

"Zn pathways"

A. Roméo

2014, JULY

"Zinc, copper favor bacterial resistance"


2014, JAN/FEB

"Five possible negative effects of zinc oxide on piglets"

A. Roméo

2013, VOL.28, N°2

"IPEC studies"


2013, VOL.29, N°1

"Major acute phase proteins..."


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