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Animine team is pleased to present its new virtual format, with even more topics covered and renowned speakers from all around the world !

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A mix of oral presentations and live-quiz… Try to win prizes at the quiz!

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about Animine

Animine is an independent France-based supplier of added-value trace mineral sources for animal nutrition. Certified Fami-QS and ISO14001, we are present in all continents. Our company invests large resources in R&D, through ambitious collaboration projects with public and private organizations.

Animine product portfolio counts with a range of specialty oxides, different from commodities and other products available in the feed industry.

HiZox® is a potentiated source of zinc, CoRouge®, a monovalent source of copper, and ManGrin® is a source of purified manganese.

They share the same properties:

  • Highest mineral concentrations (75%)
  • Excellent technological features, with high flowability and dust-free products
  • High level of safety for animals, workers, consumers and the environment
  • High stability, avoiding interactions in the feed and upper part of the digestive tract
  • High bioavailability to fulfill animal requirements
  • Specific effects on performance of growing and reproductive animals

The whole range is available for usage in all animal species.

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