This educational software has been designed to the attention of pig producers, feed manufacturers, nutritionists, veterinarians, academic people and regulatory authorities. siMMin™ enables to calculate the influence of zinc/copper supplementation in the feeding program of the growing pig on total zinc/copper excretion, thus measuring the environmental footprint of trace mineral nutrition. It also simulates the zinc/copper concentration of pig wastes, of particular value when they are used as fertilisers.

siMMin™ will be translated in local languages depending on the level of interest expressed by users in each geographical area.
Scientific references are available on request. Any comments are welcome at info[at]

What is the influence of pharmacological dosage of zinc oxide for a limited period of time on total Zn excretion in the life of the growing pig ? Can we compensate such practice by lowering Zn dietary concentration in the finishing period ? How phase feeding program in the fattening period may improve the situation ? What is the impact of a better feed conversion ? siMMin™ helps the pig production chain to be able to reply to such questions.

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