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stephane-durosoyWhy Animine?

The market of animal protein production is more and more exposed to globalisation. Feed and food chains compete at the international scale. Transfer of technology and knowledge goes fast. Feed manufacturers and animal producers expect more competitive solutions from suppliers of feed ingredients and additives. Only focused organisations are able to go faster than the market with real innovation, bringing better performing products and flexible services to their customers. We believe that the 6 pillars of our company strengths will create value for leading customers at scientific, technical, marketing and commercial levels.

1) Product expertise

In animal nutrition we know the impact of some feed additives which are incorporated at very low dosage. Trace minerals are nutritional additives. These micro-nutrients can significantly contribute to the productivity of farm animals, but also may affect more recent concerns like the environmental impact of animal husbandry, animal welfare, or the nutritional value of edible farm products. Because these new challenges require ongoing adaptation from companies, Animine focuses on trace minerals for animal nutrition.

2) Scientific credibility

The opportunities for publications of experimental data dramatically increased, in parallel with a high pressure from supportive research. Available technical information should drive decisions from feed manufacturers. However, it requires dedicated organisations and people to see clear in this massive load of information. With our resources, Animine is able to guide you in a reliable way.

3) Innovation and differentiation

Science makes progress, markets are moving fast, and products should not change? In Animine, we strive to make sure that our solutions in products and services utilise the most recent technologies. General knowledge in nutritional and analytical sciences has been multiplied these last decades, and is even accelerating. A technological «size revolution» is under way below the micron scale. The future will be more complex and more open than just a separation between inorganic and organic forms.

Market trends in value added sources of trace minerals


4) Adaptation to local conditions

Think global, act local: our business in feed additives now operates at the global scale. Harmonisation of practices is a reality in a highly competitive market. However, solutions here may not be adapted to conditions there: climates, soils, vegetal resources, available ingredients for feed formulation and the general natural environment still influence animal husbandry, nutrition and health. Also, market structures still strongly differ from one country to another. Our products and services will be adapted to your conditions.

5) High level of safety

We pay much attention on the consequences of trace minerals on human safety. The safety of workers in premix and compound feed plants who handle feed additives. The safety of consumers who eat meat, offals, eggs and milk. In that respect, we comply with the most stringent international and local regulations.

6) Proactive concern for the environment

Modern animal production systems are very productive but create new challenges for the quality of soils, waters and air. We wish to contribute to the progress of animal farming with a scientific and economic approach while listening to stakeholders, NGOs and CAGs. Minerals are non renewable resources and it is our responsibility to produce and consume in a sustainable way for the future generations.

Not only trace minerals ?

Because they are not restricted to satisfy the nutritional needs of the animals. If you are interested in animal performance, health and welfare,in your farm and company productivity, in the quality of edible animal products, in the sustainability of animal production systems, and in the safety of the feed and food chain, you deserve to take the best choice Animine, to animate and give value to your activity.

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