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market-intellingenceMarket intelligence

In Animine, our core business is to adapt our expertise to local markets. Our competitive intelligence focuses on value added sources of micro nutrients but on a global scale. As the transfer of knowledge and technoloy goes fast among continents, we source our innovative spirit in all markets. We strive to keep ahead fast moving markets.

Scientific ground

Market reality and scientific truth are our driving forces. Continuous gain in scientific knowledge requires a constant adaptation from the animal production chain. A permanent watch is ensured at the international scale. At the end of 2010, Animine had a database of approximately 5 000 articles related to trace minerals. More than 600 scientific journals in animal nutrition, in veterinary medicine, in human nutrition and health, in biology and chemistry, in environmental and soil sciences, in technology and materials, and generally in life sciences, feed our expertise. From the JAS to the British Journal of Nutrition,we have access to the old ground of animal science. From Bioresource Technology to the Chinese Journal of Animal Nutrition, we integrate new sources of information.


network of expertsNetwork of experts

We have contacts in the scientific community with international opinion leaders in trace mineral nutrition. Also, we have identified local scientists and researchers who can contribute to your objectives.

Product knowledge

At the crossroads of supportive research and market knowledge, we have accumulated a strong package of grey literature. From unpublished data to product information, we have more than 15 years of experience in the field of (organic) trace mineral sources. This prevents from falling in old pitfalls.

specialised laboratoriesSpecialised Laboratories

Analytical and chemical assays are fundamental tools when dealing with nutritional feed additives. From the trace mineral itself to the finished feed, for the nutrient itself or for undesirable substances, analytical methods must be performed by well equipped Laboratories. We know experienced public and private Laboratories for such kind of analysis.

Custom manufacturing

Because the manufacturing of trace minerals needs to respect some quality and safety standards, we work with specialised toll manufacturers when needed.

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